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Bitterne Park
BP ringing chamber
Bitterne Park stands just over the river Itchen, close to the triangle. The tower has recently been augmented to be the only twelve bell tower in Southampton.

The bells were transfered to the newly built church in the 1950s from St Maurices Winchester. They were augmented to eight at this time. Read the history here.

See the bell details on the online dove website here.
Bitterne Park Bells


bp bell details from online dove
Following lots of fundraising, the old bell frame was reordered and extended to create thirteen pits in January 2007. The back eight were then re-hung and a new rope guide installed.

front three bells

In April 2008 the four new trebles arrived along with the re-tuned service bell to provide a flat 6th. A further new service bell hung for slow swinging arrived too (flat 7th). This was covered by the Daily Echo.

The inscriptions on the new bells read:
new treble
Given by
D. Paul Mason
Mark B. Place
Andrew P. Sparling
Judy N. Sparling
new second
The Ascension Bell
new third
Given by members of the
Society of Royal Cumberland Youths
new fourth
In memory of two special Dads who gave of their gifting to the churches they were involved in.

George Henry Lovell Chapman and Thomas Ritchie Penny

Having such an amalgamation of bells provides us with the following combinations:
possible combinations of BP's bells
bells from the tower steps
We are very proud of the new ring of bells, hung by Hayward Mills Associates, and hope they will also be put to good use by the Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers as well as visiting bands.

For Quarter Peals and Peals, please contact Mr. Thomas Read (tower Secretary) who will endeavour to book you in. We are currently permitted to ring two peals per week providing there are no other church activities going on at the time and, of course, the sound control is closed.
BP 12 bells

We would like to thank both the Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers as well as the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths for their support towards the scheme. The bell ropes were ordered in SRCY colours (wine and white) as a mark of their affiliation to the project.

Mark Place - Project Chairman